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Why not buy a used saddle instead of a new one ?

We are all riding enthusiasts. We can not say otherwise. What we would be most pleased to do is to be able to make them too. Unfortunately, what most often blocks us is the equipment. It's not hard to find a place to go horseback riding. But it is not at all obvious to buy the right equipment. This is due to the fact that the latter is not always very affordable. Generally, what demands the most expense is the horse saddle. Whatever is certain, there will always be people who can afford these saddles, but you are not obliged to ruin yourself. We have the solution that will help you.

Many people prefer used saddle to brand new saddle.

The solution we offer is to offer you used saddles. You may find this weird but, we assure you that these saddles are of very good quality. It will be enough to go to one of our shops to see for yourself. Maybe you'll want to turn to specialist shops in Saddle but, you will find that their prices are very high. While if you choose used saddle you will have virtually the same quality but for a price that will be much lower than compared to the new saddles. If we say practically it is because we must not forget that these are used saddles that we sell you. All the same, we are sure that you will not see the difference between a brand new saddle and a used saddle from our shop. We are as passionate about horses as you are, which is why we place a great deal of importance on these equipment. We do all that is possible to enable you to live your passion as you want. So there's not a single minute to lose. Go straight to and come and find your saddle.